Jpegg World

We are artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, educators (and now farmers) that moved to the mountains of Puerto Rico to start a chicken farm, our Jpegg World, in order to design and push the adoption of new models of sustainability for Puerto Rico.

Our flock currently includes around 60 locally sourced chickens from various breeds:

  • 7 Adult Silkies

  • 8 Young White Leghorns

  • 7 Young Rhode Island Reds

  • 10 Young ISA Browns

  • 6 Young Plymouth Rock

  • 7 Adult ISA Brown

  • 10 Wild Chicks from Broody Hens

We want to increase our flock by 150 hens, but Chicken Genetics is a very complex matter. In order to have the best chicks of our preferred breed (ISA Brown), we must import them from a reputable hatchery.

In order to accomplish this we need YOUR help.

Your donation will allow us to:

  • Import 150 baby ISA Brown chicks

  • Purchase feed to raise them to maturity

  • Build a suitable environment for the chickens

  • Purchase and install cameras so you can see the bebes grow

Support Packages

$25 - Adopt 1 CHICK

Every donation brings us closer to our goal.

$40 - Adopt 2 CHICKS

Get a 30 🥚 tray , delivered for free, once chicks start laying.*

$120 - Adopt 6 CHICKS

Get a 30 🥚 tray per month for 3 months, delivered for free, once chicks start laying.*

*FREE delivery only available for local orders in Puerto Rico

We are aiming to finish raising funds by
March 5th. In order to get the chicks delivered by March 15th.

SO . . .
What do I get?

  • Participation in our EXCLUSIVE Jpegg Whatsapp Group where you will get access to:
    -daily updates of our operation
    -visit and contribute to the farm
    -education about chickens in a wholesome environment

  • Invitation to help organize and participate in our exclusive end-of-summer Farm Art Block Event
    - fun family experience
    - bazaar with local brands
    - food and drinks vendors
    - great house music
    - live painting

  • Social Media Shout-out in appreciation 🙏

Jibaro Holders Bonus

  • Show off your support with a custom version of your Jibaro with 🥚✋

  • (optional) Your Custom Jibaro can be minted as a JibaroX on the Ethereum network (Requires gas fee payment)

For The Tech Savvy Innovator

$250 - Huevo DAO Membership
Help us Shape the Huevo DAO

Our long-term goal is to be able to create new sustainability models for agriculture, using Blockchain technology.

In order to accomplish this, we want to use a DAO structure with a treasury that contains a real commodity: EGGS

This will allow the participants of the DAO to own hens and get part of the production in $EGG.

1 $EGG = 1 🥚

Participants of the DAO get a 'Membership Card' that allows them to 'Pick' 6 hens during our scheduled 'Cluck-In Sessions'.

These hens then will live in a separate COOP and, on a weekly basis, the participants of the DAO get 50% of the production of the COOP in $EGG, the other 50% is an incentive for JPEGG World (or any other Egg farm that wants to launch the initiative).

Participants also need to pay a $27 monthly fee(once they start laying) to cover food, bedding and other expenses in order to be able to redeem the harvest from the DAO COOP.

DAO Members can then decide if they want to pick-up the eggs, have them shipped, donate them to any individual/institution or collaborate with JPEgg World to sell the EGGS on the market and provide a revenue stream for the DAO

This idea is in its alpha stage and anyone interested in participating should reach out or schedule a meeting with us in the link below to talk more about the initiative before making any purchase/donation.

We want to connect with like-minded innovators in order to build this together.


We want to help our local farmer and mentor Don Carlos sell his eggs via a monthly delivery subscription.

In order for this to make economic sense, we need at least 20 orders.

Please click on the link below if you are interested on getting on the waiting list for the egg delivery subscription.

As soon as we have enough people interested, we will get in touch with more information.

Thank You for your time!💖